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Member Notes & News

Member Notes


Locking the Gate at the Sawmill Parking Lot at BRCES:  Members please note that there are 2 locks on the chain - ours and VA Power's. When you lock the gate, make certain VA Power can open the gate or they will cut off our lock and WE will be locked out.  For an example of the correct way to lock the gate, see the picture on the right.  Thank you for your cooperation!

For the latest member notices about the status of BRCES trails, visit our BRCES Trails Notices page.

How can you get more involved in the Club and meet more members? 
  • Join our Facebook page and/or Yahoo Group and chat with other members
  • Come to our monthly meetings - join us for dinner beforehand!
  • Volunteer to help out at one of our benefit rides
  • Volunteer to help coordinate our annual picnic or Christmas party
  • Help out with trail maintenance at one of our organized trail days
  • Ride the BRCES trails!



Lovettsville Park Planning Meetings: Want to be a part of the planning process for the Lovettsville Park? Join this meeting at the Lovettsville Community Center on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.