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BRCES Trails Notices

Update on the Status of BRCES Trails




August 2013

BRCES and USTR met with the Dominion supervisor this morning. The BRCES horse trails and all trails south of Arnold Lane are closed from today 8 August 2013 through and to include 30 August 2013.

The work of preparing the old poles and lines for removal and installation of the new poles and lines is done by Dominion's subcontractors. During the period 8-30 August three seperate contractors will be working on the BRCES property. Each subcontractor has their own schedule, some will be working six day weeks and at least one is working seven day weeks. Theses subcontractors work until they accomplish the days objective (in other words they do not necessarily stop work at five PM). There will be a number of trucks, trailers and earth moving vichicles coming and going during this period. All of this activity could reak havoc with our horses so for our safety the trails are closed during this period.

If you would like to hike the BRCES trails you can start from the BRCES headquarters.

No major work is scheduled during September. There may be a few worker vehicles and bobcats but nothing big. So the horse trails should be open for riding and hiking during September.

Dominion will notify us of any schedule changes. In mid September we should receive an update for work planned during October and November.

Any questions contact Gary at grw1869@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your cooperation.