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Yahoo Group

Want to stay on top of what's going on?


The best way to do stay current with USTR and other area happenings is to join the USTR Yahoo group.

The Yahoo group is our primary tool for disseminating information to our membership about USTR happenings as well as other local events.  The Yahoo group is a great communication tool for members where you can post questions, items for sale, event information, etc. 

It is an easy way for me to send "one email" and get information out to all of you.  It also has a searchable email database so if you "saw something" a few months ago and now want to get that information, you can search the email database online. 

In the files section of the group you will find the latest issue of the USTR newsletter STRIDES along with many ride registration forms and other informational files.


The Group is MODERATED which means you have to be approved in order to join - this cuts down dramatically on email spam!


If you wish to join the group, I'll make it even easier for you!  Send me an email  and I'll send you an invitation to join or simply click the button below.


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Click to join ustr