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Code of Conduct




U.S. Trail Ride, Inc. (USTR) members who wish to ride over trails that are subject to Trail Use Agreements between the USTR and a landowner must agree to abide by the USTR’s Good Neighbor Code of Conduct for Trail Riding.


Any exceptions to the code must be supported by a written agreement between the member and the landowner.


I (we) agree to:


  1. Wear a hard hat while riding.
  2. Ride during the hours of daylight.
  3. Conduct myself over the trails of others, as I would have a good neighbor of mine conduct himself over my property.
  4. Maintain control of my horse, and provide my horse sound and humane treatment on the trail.
  5. Where applicable, attend an orientation ride to become familiar with the trail and the rules applying to the trail.
  6. Place the USTR identification tag on my person or tack to ascertain my identity.
  7. Ride only on the designated trail and not trespass onto the neighboring landowner’s property.
  8. Not bring guests on the trail as the landowners have only given USTR members permission to ride.
  9. Not smoke, litter, bring/or consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances on the trail or in the parking area.
  10. Not bring dogs (except USTR authorized Service Dogs), cats or firearms with me on the trail or to the parking area.
  11. Be safe and courteous when encountering others on the trail. Larger groups have right of way.
  12. Minimize damage to the trail, especially during wet periods where riding may not be allowed in certain areas.
  13. Securely close any gates or road barriers I am permitted to open.
  14. Not excite or chase livestock of landowners adjacent to the trail.
  15. Not damage crops.
  16. Supervise children at all times.
  17. Comply with Landowner Conditions that are not a part of the Trail Use Agreement.
  18. Report to the Trail Master, Landowner, or authority’s, apparent or possible vandalism, illegal acts, fires, trespassing by others, or injured livestock I observe while on the trail, including apparent violations of this Code of Conduct by other members of the USTR.
  19. Participate in affirmative trail or land improvement projects over the course of the year.
  20. Carry a current negative Coggins test for each horse I ride on the trail.
  21. Forfeit my Trail Tag and all its privileges if I am found guilty of violating any of these rules.
  22. Ride only on trails designated for horse use.
  23. Avoid riding through standing water.
  24. Do not ride on the lake dam if covered by water.
  25. Disperse manure off the trails or take it with me.