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The Blue Ridge Center


The Blue Ridge Center is an amazing resource for USTR members.  With nearly 900 acres of protected land, it affords USTR members a peaceful place to ride and take in the beauty of this area.  There are meandering trails and streams lined with beautiful ferns.  There are deer, birds, butterflys, flowers and a beaver pond as well as interesting old cabins and homesteads.

USTR has developed and nurtured a partnership with the Blue Ridge Center by maintaining the trails through the conservency as well as providing financial donations from our annual public trail ride(s) at the Center. 

The Blue Ridge Center is not open to the public for riding. Only USTR members and their horses may enjoy riding on the Center's 900 acres. USTR members may purchase annual trail tags to ride at the Blue Ridge Center. An orientation ride is required prior to receiving your trail tag and the combination to the parking lot, and members are expected to adhere to the "Code of Conduct found here. .  For information about becoming a USTR member, visit here.

Please note that helmets and member trail tags must be worn at all times while riding at the Blue Ridge Center.  Also note that member's guests are not permitted to ride at BRCES.  If you'd like to have your friends enjoy the trails at BRCES, we'd love for them to support USTR and BRCES by becoming an annual member.

If you would like more information and to see a map of the trails at the Blue Ridge Center, click here.
For the latest weather report for the weather station located at the Blue Ridge Center, visit here.

Scroll Down for the BRCES Hunting Schedule.  



If you are a new member or a seasoned member who hasn't purchased a trail tag in the past, before you can ride at the Blue Ridge Center you must purchase a trail tag and participate in an orientation ride with one of USTR's approved orientation ride guides. For more information, visit here. 



We build bridges!  Take a look at the new Gordon Pond Bridge .




Managed Hunt by BRCES Management Team

Schedule for 2016 / 2017

To help maintain a healthy forest and viable deer population, the Blue Ridge Center’s Wildlife Management Committee is conducting a managed hunt this season. On days when gun hunting occurs, the trails will be open only from 10 AM until 3:00 PM for hiking, trailriding, etc. On one selected day, trails will be closed all day to allow for increased harvests to help feed the needy in our community.  No hunting will be done on Sundays.  Horseback riding is permitted by USTR members only (Join).

Please check the status below to see if hunting is taking place today.  For your safety, do not enter the fields or forests of BRCES during hunt times.  In the event of a necessary entry, please call the Hunt Coordinator at 240-994-8750 to insure you are not entering a line of fire.  For safety and insurance purposes, unauthorized entry during the hunting hours will be considered trespassing and dealt with by local law enforcement personnel.

NO HUNTING ALLOWED by private individuals or groups!

Managed Hunt by BRCES’s Wildlife Committee ONLY!


Hunting Days                         Hiking/Horse Riding Hours

Nov 5,8,10                             Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only

Nov 12,15,17,19                    Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only  

Nov 21-25                              Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only

Nov 26                                   Trails open until 3 p.m. only

Nov 29                                   Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only

Dec 1,3,6,8                            Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only 

Dec 10,12,15                         Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only

Dec 17                                   Trails Closed All Day - Harvest for the Hungry

Dec 19-23,27,29,31               Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only

Jan 3,5,7                                 Trails open from 10 am until 3:00 p.m. only